We've Fallen Out Of Grace Again

Quebec, Canada
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Sunnyside Elementary School - Stanstead QC CA
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13 going on 30, 311, 8 simple rules, absolutely fabulous, american idol, angelina jolie, bart/milhouse, brad pitt, chandler/monica, charlie/claire, cops, default, disturbed, ellen degeneres, enrico colantoni, evangeline lilly, extreme makeover, friends, frou frou, gavin degraw, girl interrupted, henry ian cusick, ian somerhalder, imogen heap, incubus, jake in progress, james blunt, jason dohring, jason mraz, jennifer saunders, joey, john mayer, john stamos, josh holloway, julia roberts, kaley cuoco, king of the hill, kristen bell, law and order, lost, maggie grace, matthew fox, mean girls, napoleon dynamite, naveen andrews, nickelback, ocean's eleven, ocean's twelve, our lady peace, pepper dennis, pimp my ride, pretty women, reefer madness, ross/rachel, sawyer/kate, set it off, shannon/sayid, sleeping with the enemy, staind, system of a down, taking lives, the bodyguard, the killers, the pelican brief, the simpsons, veronica mars, veronica/logan, weeds

21 Years Old; Girl; Quebec; Main Obsessions: Reading; Shopping; Internet; Cats; Chocolate; Poutine; Josh Holloway; Veronica Mars; Lost; Switchfoot; Default; Ok Go; Lifehouse: Chantal Kreviazuk

Lost; Veronica Mars; Weeds; Pepper Dennis; Jake In Progress; Full House; Law And Order; Cops; America's Most Wanted; Desperate Housewives; Joey; Friends; Absolutely Fabulous; Gilmore Girls; 8 Simple Rules; The Ellen Degeneres Show; American Idol; Prison Break; Pimp My Ride

Set It Off; Reefer Madness; Gracie's Choice; Eye For An Eye; Norma Rae; 13 Going On 30; Mean Girls; Taking Lives; The Core; Volcano; Get Carter; Jurassic Park I; Jurassic Park; The Lost World; Jurassic Park III; Napoleon Dynamite; Ocean's Eleven; Ocean's Twelve; Runaway Bride; Pretty Woman; Million Dollar Baby; Erin Brockovich; The Pelican Brief; Sleeping With The Enemy; The Bodyguard; The Lakehouse; Not Without My Daughter

Default; The Killers; Gavin DeGraw; Jason Mraz; Poison; Staind; Rage Against The Machine; Disturbed; Anna Nalick; Chantal Kreviazuk; Oasis; Matchbox Twenty; Switchfoot; The White Stripes; Our Lady Peace; Queens Of The Stone Age; James Blunt; Nickelback; Coldplay; Papa Roach; Three Days Grace; Incubus; Filter; Good Charlotte; Seether; 3 Doors Down; Alanis Morrisette; Black Eyed Peas; Radiohead; Whitney Houston; Mariah Carey; Avril Lavigne; Sarah McLachlan; Jem; 311; Linkin Park; Stone Temple Pilots; Jimmy Eat World; Death Cab For Cutie; John Mayer; Ok Go; Lifehouse

Kristen Bell; Jason Dohring; Enrico Colantoni; Maggie Grace; Ian Somerhalder; Josh Holloway; Matthew Fox; Henry Ian Cusick; Naveen Andrews; Jennifer Saunders; Julia Roberts; John Stamos; Ellen Degeneres; Brad Pitt; Evangeline Lilly; Jeeky; Weels; Swuffers

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