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We've Fallen Out Of Grace Again

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21 Years Old; Girl; Quebec; Main Obsessions: Reading; Shopping; Internet; Cats; Chocolate; Poutine; Josh Holloway; Veronica Mars; Lost; Switchfoot; Default; Ok Go; Lifehouse: Chantal Kreviazuk

Lost; Veronica Mars; Weeds; Pepper Dennis; Jake In Progress; Full House; Law And Order; Cops; America's Most Wanted; Desperate Housewives; Joey; Friends; Absolutely Fabulous; Gilmore Girls; 8 Simple Rules; The Ellen Degeneres Show; American Idol; Prison Break; Pimp My Ride

Set It Off; Reefer Madness; Gracie's Choice; Eye For An Eye; Norma Rae; 13 Going On 30; Mean Girls; Taking Lives; The Core; Volcano; Get Carter; Jurassic Park I; Jurassic Park; The Lost World; Jurassic Park III; Napoleon Dynamite; Ocean's Eleven; Ocean's Twelve; Runaway Bride; Pretty Woman; Million Dollar Baby; Erin Brockovich; The Pelican Brief; Sleeping With The Enemy; The Bodyguard; The Lakehouse; Not Without My Daughter

Default; The Killers; Gavin DeGraw; Jason Mraz; Poison; Staind; Rage Against The Machine; Disturbed; Anna Nalick; Chantal Kreviazuk; Oasis; Matchbox Twenty; Switchfoot; The White Stripes; Our Lady Peace; Queens Of The Stone Age; James Blunt; Nickelback; Coldplay; Papa Roach; Three Days Grace; Incubus; Filter; Good Charlotte; Seether; 3 Doors Down; Alanis Morrisette; Black Eyed Peas; Radiohead; Whitney Houston; Mariah Carey; Avril Lavigne; Sarah McLachlan; Jem; 311; Linkin Park; Stone Temple Pilots; Jimmy Eat World; Death Cab For Cutie; John Mayer; Ok Go; Lifehouse

Kristen Bell; Jason Dohring; Enrico Colantoni; Maggie Grace; Ian Somerhalder; Josh Holloway; Matthew Fox; Henry Ian Cusick; Naveen Andrews; Jennifer Saunders; Julia Roberts; John Stamos; Ellen Degeneres; Brad Pitt; Evangeline Lilly; Jeeky; Weels; Swuffers

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